So…it’s been awhile. A lot has happened since Thanksgiving and I really meant to post a Thanksgiving update, but that just didn’t make it. So I’ll do a quick post then update you on why I have been absent.

We had a happy Paleo Thanksgiving, and for some reason I didn’t take pictures of the turkey…sad because it turned out pretty good! We bought a turkey at Trader Joe’s. I used the following recipes for the meal:


Clean Green Bean Casserole by Detoxinista (It was okay…)

 Paleo Thanksgiving Stuffing by PaleOMG (YUM would make this again for sure!)

 Paleo Cranberry Sauce by Multiply Delicious (Another success here too!)


My mom made deviled eggs and then we made some mashed potatoes. My mom also made her awesome made from scratch gravy. We used corn starch instead of flour. We had to have the mashed potatoes because I really think my brother would die if we didn’t have those on the table.

Paleo Stuffing Mmm so good!

Paleo Stuffing Mmm so good!

Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Sauce


For dessert I made an apple crisp and had a smaller Paleo friendly version for me and Dane. I also made a Paleo pumpkin pie, but it didn’t turn out right, so I didn’t serve it.  So before we sat down and ate…I said grace and during grace I thanked God for blessing Dane and me with a baby! Which was great news to my family.

 So that is why I have been super busy! I have been overwhelmed with planning my new life with a baby in it. Right now I am just about 12 weeks. My blood sugars have been amazing and so far I haven’ t had any morning sickness. We put the Paleo diet on hold but we plan on restarting it again.

I know I shouldn’t have, but pregnant me had to make fried chicken….and oh it was the best fried chicken. Dane loved it so much that he ate it within seconds. He never eats all the meat off the bones, which I’m constantly yelling at him that he’s wasting food, but not with this chicken. There wasn’t any meat on any of the bones on his plate. If you feel like being unhealthy and eating a very unfriendly Paleo meal…then you can find the recipe HERE, thanks Paul Deen!

The broccoli was Paleo...

The broccoli was Paleo…

We will be finding out soon within the next few weeks whether we’re having a girl or a boy. We are going to find out because I’m already having issues thinking of names. We are going to keep trying to eat healthy, and do our best to stick with a Paleo diet or at least gluten free.