Coming into this we knew that we had to plan our meals ahead but gosh this is so time-consuming! I’m happy I had the weekend off so I could plan our meals this week. Last week, since I had to work, it was hard to plan a menu so we were pretty much just “winging-it” every day. For lunches we had salads, Dane went out to Chipotle one day. He had a rice bowl, but it still bloated him. I told him to be careful with rice, since it can disrupt your gut. He isn’t too pleased about this. We also tried Spin! gluten-free pizza. I really enjoyed the gluten-free crust and we both agreed we preferred it over regular crust. The only issue is the cheese. I can be lactose sensitive at times, and since we haven’t been eating dairy for the past two weeks I think my gut was not ready to consume goat cheese. We also tried gluten-free buns at a restaurant called Blanc Burgers and Bottles.  They are very gluten-free friendly. I had their bison burger which was very delicious! We really don’t plan on eating out a lot because there are still risks of eating non-paleo items. Plus it’s expensive enough with this new lifestyle, so eating out just adds up.

This is a picture of our dinner from last Friday. We made Herb Roasted Chicken Quarters with Toasted Coco seasoned Califlower (Well Fed Paleo)

Yesterday we attempted to make Pumpkin Pancakes from Practical Paleo. Dane is not a big egg person. I noticed the recipe was basically just pumpkin and eggs. Our first batch looked and tasted too much like a pumpkin omelet. We didn’t have any coconut flour on hand, but we did have some almond meal. I sprinkled some of that in the batter and Dane liked the texture better. I think next time we’ll use the coconut flour in the batter. Today, I experimented with making pumpkin muffins. I LOVE pumpkin and one of my favorite muffins was from Panera Bread Company. I again used a recipe found in  Practical Paleo, but wasn’t pleased with the result. It used a lot of eggs again, and very little pumpkin. I added a 1/2 cup of pumpkin instead of 1/4 cup. I also added dark chocolate chips to the mix since we didn’t have dried cranberries. It still had a very eggy texture, but it wasn’t too bad. I need to experiment with this more, but for now it will be good for breakfast and on the go things.

Dane and I also got to Facetime our good Paleo friends, Mike and Amber today. They moved to California last Spring I believe and have been doing Paleo for over a year. We were so happy to play catch up and get some good tips on Paleo living. They suggested a recipe that we decided to make for dinner tonight. I made Sweet Potato Sausage and Spinach Hash, which was very delish! We used spicy Italian chicken sausage since we like a little bite to our meals. I also doubled the recipes so we could have more leftovers. Thanks Amber for the great idea!! You can follow Amber’s Paleo blog HERE.

So here is the plan for this week, hopefully we stick to it!!


Breakfast: Eggs and Bacon

Lunch: Pumpkin muffins and Blueberry Maple Syrup Breakfast Sausage from Whole Foods (this was some good stuff!)

Dinner: Sweet Potato Sausage and Spinach Hash


Breakfast: Muffins

Lunch: Left over Hash

Dinner: Pumpkin Soup and Mustard Chicken Thighs


Lunch: left over soup or hash

Dinner: Gluten Free Chicken Cranberry Meatballs (Dane is making this)


Lunch: Leftovers

Dinner: Almond Crusted Chicken and a Veggie


Lunch: Salad/Leftovers

Dinner: Paleo South of the Border Stuffed Acorn Squash (using ground beef instead of ground turkey)


Lunch: Salad/Leftovers

Dinner: No idea yet!!