My name is Suni (like sunny if you don’t know me), unfortunately for me, I was diagnosed with type I diabetes when I was 22 years old. I am now 27 and would say that I take somewhat good care of myself. I have always eaten a pretty balanced diet and stayed fairly active. The guy in the picture next to me happens to be my lovely husband Dane. We met at Truman State University. We were dating when I was diagnosed with diabetes and he was the only friend that was there for me during those times.  For the past four years I have been using an insulin pump, which really regulates my sugar levels well. I highly recommend using an insulin pump if you’re insulin dependent.  I know that having this disease takes a huge toll on the body and so I have decided to improve my style of living.

It was last summer when two of our good friends (Amber and Mike), decided to go Paleo.  (Amber has a blog about Paleo living too! You can follow her HERE) I was always interested in starting a Paleo lifestyle but at the time, I was in nursing school.  Then after that, I started my new job at the hospital. On days I was off work I could cook, but it became a challenge when I needed Dane to help cook. At the time, he wasn’t as determined to make a change.   Whenever I was about to start the diet, I would force junk food down my body in fear that I would never be able to eat them again…what a horrible idea for a diabetic! My sugar levels were out of control, I was constantly fatigued and had constant headaches. To help manage my sugar better, I found a better Endocrinologist which helped tremendously. My last doctor didn’t seem concerned that my sugars were all over the place, which worried me. I started eating healthier again which I found that I wasn’t as fatigued and the headaches went away on their own.

So the sugar levels are better, I feel more energized but I still have other health issues that I know this lifestyle change will help.  I have breakouts of acne all over my body, which was never really a problem before. For the past few years I have been having irregular menstrual cycles which my doctor decided that birth control would solve the problem. Dane also has a few health issues of his own. Since college every now and then he has GI problems and has trouble sleeping now and then.

Dane and I have had it with our eating and exercise habits. We are ready to live healthier lives and decided that we should give the Paleo lifestyle another shot.  Beginning next week we plan on starting the Whole30 challenge.  We told ourselves that if the Whole30 challenge doesn’t work for us, then we will try something different. For now though, we will be living the caveman life!